10.28.2023 / Global Energy Transition / Houston, Texas

On Friday, October 27, 2023, Global Energy Transition (GET) held its first annual Award Ceremony and Charity Event, at the Sheraton North Houston at George Bush Intercontinental, at 15700 John F Kennedy Blvd, in Houston, Texas. TX. Mr. Jacob Rascon from ABC 13 Houston news, served as the emcee (Master of Ceremonies).

The oil and gas industry underpins numerous sectors, including transportation, petrochemicals for plastics and chemicals, and energy production for electricity and heating. Additionally, it contributes to manufacturing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and various other industries through derivatives like lubricants, fertilizers, and synthetic materials. This broad impact makes oil and gas a cornerstone of modern industrial and economic activity. Hence, most likely will remain a vital source of energy for the foreseeable future due to their role in transportation and industry. However, the global shift towards renewable energy and increasing environmental regulations pose long-term challenges and changes that have tremendous impact in the community, specifically in the form of job layoffs.

GET is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to advance displaced energy workers, professionals, and entrepreneurs toward new or existing business verticals or emerging employment opportunities, in the new low-carbon emissions economy, by creating and leveraging multiple partnerships, to help pivot thousands of people’s careers.

Sonia Clayton, GET Board Chair and Founder, stated: “This event facilitates vital collaboration among energy stakeholders. Industry brings expertise, education focuses on knowledge exchange, entrepreneurs offer innovation, and government provides regulatory context. This holistic approach promotes a “just transition” and promises meaningful progress and innovation in the energy transition, uniting diverse perspectives for an effective future. It’s exciting to witness this pivotal moment and collective effort.”

Several of the recipients of this year’s awards also spoke about GET and their work in the new low carbon economy:

“Global Energy Transition is at the forefront of helping professionals in the legacy oil and gas sector navigate the transition to clean energy. This value extends not only to the individual but also to forward-thinking employers like EDP Renewables North America, who aim to capitalize on our industry experience and expertise. GET bridges the gap between the two by creating a path to success through relationships, education, and coaching.” Jason Stevens, Director, Hydrogen Project Development & Execution, EDP Renewables North America.

“Entergy Texas remains a leader in the energy transition, and we believe it’s not just the technological investments or local economic growth that make a difference— it’s the people at the center of the global shift,” said Eliecer Viamontes, President, and CEO of Entergy Texas. “This is why we are proud of our partnership with GET, an organization that prioritizes people in the form of professional support and career development. Together, we’re working to improve lives and build stronger communities.”

“The global energy transition is going to need to attract, retrain and sustain the brightest and best minds. We’re honored to have been recognized with this award from GET, who are doing an incredible job of transitioning energy workers into the low carbon emissions economy. We look forward to supporting their global endeavors going forward.” David Whysall, Global Managing Director, Turner & Townsend Natural Resources.

Members of the GET Board and partnering organizations will be present at the event to answer questions.

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Why Global Energy Transition

The race to a low-carbon is a bold plan, yet it leaves casualties in its wake. With each new announcement of a major initiative comes another round of lay-offs, as both corporations and individuals seek to find their way in the new energy economy.

During one such event in 2020, Sonia Clayton, President & CEO of a well-known IT/IS Training and Staffing Consulting Services Corporation serving the oil, gas, and chemical (O&G/C) industry since 2001, VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE PROVIDERS, LLC, (VIP), received over 500 resumes in a two-week period. By Q2-Q3 2021, oil prices had continued to drop, and the O&G/C industry cut over 100,000 jobs, a historic high, affecting 14% of O&G/C employees. The global pandemic only worsened the chaos.

Mrs. Clayton was deeply moved, witnessing families struggling and hundreds of homes for sale. The impact varied: some left the field, some started their own businesses, and others relied on government aid. Upskilling education and funding were not lined up to help. Clean energy was touted as a solution, but opportunities were scarce. Out of this situation emerged the non-profit, Global Energy Transition (GET), with Sonia and over 50 clients and friends coming together to help.

The concept is simple: GET partners on a pro bono basis with OG&C companies, entrepreneurs, government, and educational institutions to guide businesses and individuals into the low-carbon economy, offering strategies and solutions. GET emphasizes the value of people, connecting displaced workers with industry leaders and facilitating education and partnerships.

Since inception GET has successfully helped over 500 people in transition and hopes to benefit many more in the coming months and years, serving as a model for other industries and other countries.

Global Energy Transition

Award Winners Data:

Here is the official count of those receiving the “Heroes of the Community Award, 2023” and other hiring corporations, categorized as active verticals – The numbers below represent people hired (in transition). Awards will be presented to:

1. Microsoft Corporation (Technology) = 70
2. Entergy Texas (Utilities) = 45
3. EDP Renewables North America (Renewables) = 22
4. Turner & Townsend (Construction)= 18

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Since Q1-2020, GET has helped 596 people in transition.