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Job alerts and internships for GET job seekers.

Job Alerts & Internship Opportunities!

Job alerts and internships for GET job seekers.

LinkedIn Profile Videos

If you want to stand out on LinkedIn, it's important to have a strong profile and create engaging content. Here are some resources that can help you with that.

Strategic Networking on LinkedIn with a FREE Account Course

This course is for you if: You barely use LinkedIn (or not at all!). You're not sure how Linked can help you.

Get smarter about AI

For anyone looking to get smarter about AI this year.

Global Energy Transition (GET) Speaker Series 2024

Geoscientists: Re-skilling – Pathways to Alternative Careers

The Power of Linkedin

Why Linkedin Matters for Job Seekers?

Resume and Linkedin seminar

Resume Writing and Linkedin Profile.

U.S. Energy & Employment Jobs Report (USEER)

Based on surveys of tens of thousands of U.S. energy sector employers, the U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER) is a comprehensive summary of national and state-level energy jobs, reporting by industry, technology, and region with data on unionization rates, demographics, and employer perspectives on growth and hiring.

Job outlook for geophysicists in the United States

Are geophysicist jobs in demand? Yes, geophysicist jobs are in demand. Geophysicist demand is projected to grow 5% from 2018 to 2028. Compare the number of geophysicist jobs and the average geophysicist salary over time.

Experience PIVOT2023 Week II

PIVOT is a global conference series launched in 2020 featuring thought leaders and change makers who are building the future of geothermal energy. PIVOT's mission is to build momentum within the oil and gas industry toward making an urgent pivot to geothermal energy production, with the goal of global, scalable geothermal development across the industry by 2030. PIVOT celebrates progress toward that goal each year with a gathering of leaders and luminaries.

Recent Project Announcements

Texas remains the premier destination for companies to relocate and expand in the U.S. The inquiries from large companies and small businesses alike are not slowing down. Our economic recovery and positive outlook for the future have kept prospect activity high. Here are a few companies who have recently announced their move or expansion in the state of Texas.

Texas Workforce Job Seekers Resources

Find information about unemployment benefits in Texas, including eligibility requirements, how to report work and earnings, and appeal procedures.

How to Ace the Virtual Interview

Interviews for campus-leadership positions have shifted entirely to video, in our Covid-19 era of travel bans and social distancing. Many of the clients I work with as a campus search consultant expect that shift to remain a trend, even after our shelter-in-place era passes. Video interviewing has its advantages — it saves money, for one — but it also creates a unique set of stresses for candidates.

The Hub Job Fair

Are you looking for your dream job or looking to hire top talent for your business? Look no further! The HUB Job Fair is the place for you.

On Tuesday, March 28 at The HUB and The MET Church are partnering to host a job fair featuring a variety of businesses and organizations from various industries. This is a great opportunity for job seekers to meet with potential employers, learn about available job openings, and make connections in their field.

Virtual Career Fair

WRISE and GRID Alternatives are pleased to offer a virtual career fair. Participants can network with peers, meet with industry partners, and explore career opportunities. Register below for this exciting event!

Competing in the Age of Digital Platforms

The vast majority of the world's most valuable companies today are platforms: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and many other firms have built their fortunes by facilitating innovation across global ecosystems or enabling the broad exchange of goods and services. There are different paths to success in the digital world, whether a company wants to compete as a new platform or to leverage an existing platform for competitive advantage. This program will show you how to create sustainable value whether you are competing as, with, or against digital platforms.

Fossil Fuel Jobs Will Disappear, So Now What?

President Joe Biden takes climate change seriously, calling it an “existential threat.” His executive orders are reducing oil and gas exploration on public lands, promoting electric vehicles for federal fleets, and more.

Job Seekers Resources

Multiple links to help job seekers improve their chances of landing a job.

Sure-Fire Zoom Interview Tips to Ace Your Online Interview

More and more often, employers are turning to virtual interviews as part of the hiring process. Even though the pandemic restrictions that made them popular are being phased out, these interviews are a fast, easy, and effective way for them to meet with a potential candidate.

Career transition out of oil and gas.... 3 months on

If you are at the stage of considering a move out of oil and gas I have the following points based on my experience

How to Make a Good Impression at a Job Interview

Are you landing plenty of job interviews, but falling short on second interviews and job offers? It's time to evaluate why. Aside from not being the right fit for a particular position, it could be that you're making a poor first impression.

The good news is it's possible to learn how to make a good first impression in a job interview.

10 Common Interview Questions You Need to Know

Here are some of the most common interview questions, and our advice for the best way to answer them.

Personality Test

Find out what makes you tick with our Personality Tests. Learn about your own positive and negative attributes and understand how you behave in your friendships and relationships.